Team Obsolete

April 1, 2018
Tucked away in a Brooklyn office building, Rob Iannuci’s obsession known as "Team Obsolete” first took over his office and then the rest of the building quickly followed. Rob began collecting rare and exotic Grand Prix race bikes over 30 years ago and he hasn’t slowed down since then! Rob is a rare gem…an enthusiast that believes in utilizing these wonderful machines to the full extent of their original purpose. Since the inception of Team Obsolete, Rob’s bikes have participated in nearly every vintage race worldwide and have won many of them. Rob’s collection features unobtainable bikes including nearly the whole MV Agusta Works Racing line up, Benellis, and the AJS 7R3 “triple knocker.” Like his prized motorcycles, Rob is one of a kind - a passionate, generous and expansive gentleman who is somewhere between a collector and a hoarder of the most rare pieces of motorcycle history. Our visit to Team Obsolete was an afternoon we won’t soon forget.